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Tangle Teezer 頭皮去角質和按摩器 Scalp Exfoliator & Massager

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Tangle Teezer 頭皮去角質和按摩器 Scalp Exfoliator & Massager 

針對頭皮健康的梳子, 具有雙排梳齒,幫助按摩頭皮, 同時清除造型品或洗潤產品之堆積, 即使在水中也不會滑動,輕鬆不費力。

1. 首先將您的手指滑過機翼並找到一個舒適的貼合度。最多使用 3 分鐘。
2. 單獨使用或搭配您最喜歡的洗髮水、油或護髮素使用,濕髮或乾髮均可輕鬆使用 - 只需按下即可控制壓力水平。
3. 去角質時,將工具靠在頭皮上以圓周運動的方式移動,或從頭皮的前部到頸背使用掃掠。
4. 按摩時,用刷子在頭皮上按壓頭皮以刺激壓力點。
5. 享受健康的頭皮!我們知道結果會直接出現在您的頭部。



Product Description:
A healthy scalp comb with double rows of teeth that help massage the scalp while removing buildup of styling or shampoo products, it won't slip even in water, effortlessly.

1. Begin by sliding your fingers across the wings and finding a comfortable fit.Use up to 3 minutes.
2. Use alone or with your favorite shampoo, oil or conditioner for easy use on wet or dry hair - just press to control stress levels.
3. To exfoliate, move the tool in a circular motion against the scalp,or use a sweep from the front of the scalp to the nape of the neck.
4. When massaging, press the scalp with the brush to stimulate the pressure points.
5. Enjoy a healthy scalp! We know the results will appear directly in your head.

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