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Ghd  platinum + styler white 頭髮造型夾 白色

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Ghd  platinum + styler white 頭髮造型夾 白色

Platinum +是無與倫比的造型夾,擁有最先進的技術; 如此智能,它可以預測您的頭髮類型並不斷調整,以確保始終保持最佳的造型溫度。獲得無與倫比的效果和頭髮,比以往更強,更健康!
Platinum +適合所有髮質,這意味著您將始終獲得最佳的造型效果。採用獨特的叉骨鉸鏈,使板材保持完美定位,並採用更圓潤,更光滑的桶身; 造型機會無窮無盡。無論你想要光滑,順直,彈性 採用突破性ultra zone和預測技術,ghd鉑+髮型可識別每一段頭髮並調節溫度,確保185ºC的最佳溫度在兩個板上保持一致,一舉產生美麗效果。
隔熱板每秒監測250次熱量,通過其預測技術,這款可以識別您的頭髮厚度 和造型速度,並相應地調整熱量,為您提供無與倫比的結果。 每個板都經過精密研磨,使頭髮可以毫不費力地穿過,無縫線造型。 通用電壓可以讓您在旅行的任何地方保持造型。


GHD Platinum+ is so intelligent that it predicts your hair's needs and constantly adapts to ensure the optimum styling temperature at all times. Get unbeatable results and hair that is stronger, healthier than ever before. Achieve healthier styling in one stroke with Ultra-zone predictive technology and uncompromising style thanks to its unique wishbone hinge for perfect styling control. Precision-milled plates with ultra gloss coating for 20% more shine give beautiful results. This styler is quick and versatile with its sleek design and rounder barrel for quick snag-free styling.

What it includes:

  • GHD platinum+ styler
  • Heat-resistant plate guard

What else you need to know:

  • Sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage
  • Protective plate guard
  • Professional length 2.7m cable

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