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EVE LOM 卸妝潔面霜 Cleanser 100ML

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EVE LOM 卸妝潔面霜 Cleanser 100ML

一瓶代替 5 種卸妝產品 - 眼部卸妝液,卸妝液及潔面乳,爽膚水,磨砂乳,棉花 / 面紙,適合所有膚質使用。

• 產品蘊含 4 種芳香精油,具備清除毛孔堵塞和舒緩的功效。
• 深入清潔肌膚並卸除防水彩妝,而不會帶走肌膚必需的水分和油分,造成肌膚過度干燥。
• 埃及洋甘菊油可軟化及舒緩肌膚,溫和洗走面上污垢。

• 丁香油:抗菌
• 桉樹油:幫助排走毒素
• 埃及洋甘菊油:軟化及舒緩肌膚

1. 取適量塗抹於臉部及頸部肌膚。
2. 將附送的特製卸妝棉放入熱水中充份浸透並隨之榨乾多餘的水份,然後將卸妝棉放於臉上並靜待數秒。建議重覆以上步驟三次以達最佳效果。
3. 將微熱的卸妝棉對接成正方形並以打圈的方法輕輕在臉部及頸部按摩以抹去潔面霜及卸除彩妝。
4. 最後,以冰涼的清水沖洗卸妝棉並將其打開放在臉部肌膚上。



It was described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world' and is the foundation of the skincare regime. It deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof make-up.

Product Features:
• Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best.
• With its signature blend of four aromatic plant oils, specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth and quick routine, the result is incredibly glowing, radiant skin with a smoother, more refined texture. The difference can be seen instantly and just keeps on improving with use.

• Clove Oil: Antiseptic
• Eucalyptus Oil: helps drain away toxins
• Egyptian Chamomile Oil: Softens and Soothes

How to use:
Once a day, at night for normal/dry skin types.
Twice a day, morning and night for congested skins.
1. Massage a small amount onto the face and neck onto dry skin over the grime and make-up from the day.
2. Fill the basin with hot water and immerse the Muslin Cloth. Squeeze off excess water and hold the cloth over the face and neck for a few seconds while taking a deep breath. For optimum results repeat this stage three times.
3. Fold the hot, rinsed cloth into a square and work it in small circular movements across the face and neck to remove all traces of Cleanser and make-up.
4. Finally rinse the cloth in cool water and hold over the face and neck.

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